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This is a CNC plasma and waterjet cut file of a soldier kneeling in prayer. He has his helmet on his knee and rifle at his side.

Military tribute file that makes a great yard/garden stake.

Designed to cut at 24" wide by 20" tall, this will cut as is on plasma with 0.15" minimum spacing. Making the file larger will not cause any burn through issues. If you need to cut it smaller, you may need to adjust the spacing.

Additional files for just the rifle and K-pot are included.

File has both open and closed cut paths.

Designed with a man in BDUs, K-pot helmet, AR16 rifle. He is kneeling in the grass in prayer.

Everything is connected and there are no drop outs.

File formats included:

  • DXF
  • DWG
  • PLT
  • SVG
  • A zipped folder containing all 4

All the file formats will import into SheetCAM.

While this military garden sign is designed for CNC plasma cutting, it may work for other cutting applications like laser tables, water jet, and Cricut. Go to the free file section and try out some of my other designs before purchasing and make sure my design style works with your cutting system.

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