I make 150 to 200 custom plasma files a month. They vary from adding a name to a monogram file to converting police badges into 3 layer works of art.

Most plasma business hire me for the "impossible to figure out" files. Everything is "figureableoutable". Before you throw in the towel and turn that order down, send me an email. 

I specialize in transforming photographs into cut ready plasma files. From portraits of people to multiple layered landscapes, I do it all every day.

So whether you are new to the CNC plasma world, too busy to click buttons to make files, or are stumped on how to turn your customer's image into a cut ready DXF, email me. I will discuss the project with you and provide a price quote. Email DXF@robinhillmachine.com for CNC plasma file help.

You have probably seen my work on Plasmaspider, Ready to Cut, and various Facebook CNC groups. Look for the red "RHM" in the bottom right corner of proofs.

Visit Custom DXF on Facebook for more information on my custom plasma DXF service.

These images are just a sample of work I've done for others in the past.