Custom Plasma DXF

Custom DXF

Custom DXF

Custom DXFs made for CNC plasma tables


Try a free file before hiring me. I post free files on PlasmaSpider and Ready to Cut. Download free files from these websites to try my design style out.





Pricing depends the file you need. Below are some sample prices...

  • 24-36" badge: $65 and up
  • Detailed custom car file: $50 and up
  • Basic custom car file: $20-30
  • Custom business logos: $40-60 on average depending on the details
  • Animal basic outlines: $10 and up
  • Detailed animal files: $25-40
  • Text files: $25 and up
  • Monogram files: $5 and up

Tips on getting cheaper custom files:

  • "I can space it myself."
  • "I just need the basic lines. I can bridge, clean the nodes, and space it myself."
  • "I will add the text myself."

My least favorite part of making files is adding text! I typically add $20 to fees on badge files for putting the text in. If you can do that yourself, let me know.

If you want a cheaper file they are not cut ready. I call them "quick files." Quick files are what I post on Plasmaspider and ReadytoCut. They are not sized and spaced to cut at any certain size. You have to adjust the file as needed to bridge drop outs, join nodes, adjust spacing to avoid burn through. Quick files are about 1/2 the cost of a cut ready file.


Email with the following information:

  • JPG, SVG, or other image file that you need converted
  • Finished cut size of the project
  • Minimum spacing requirements. If none provided, 0.15" will be used for closed paths and 0.11" for open cut paths
  • Number of layers
  • Any other information to complete your DXF to both yours and your customer's specifications

I will reply with a price quote and a date I can schedule it for.

I accept Paypal. My Paypal email address is

I send a DXF, PLT, SVG, and a proof of your file in a zipped folder. If you need a different file format let me know. I can send DWG, AI, CDR, PLT, ect.