Wildlife DXF SVG Bundle

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229 Wildlife designs for cutting and engraving. Price is about $0.80 per design.

This file set contains:

  • bears
  • deer
  • ducks
  • elephant
  • elk and moose
  • zebra
  • turkey
  • trees
  • giraffe

All of these files plus more are included in the big Everything set that is priced at $250. It is recommended to purchase the Everything set instead as it's cheaper per design and you get more files.

There are many designs in one file. This makes it easy for you to locate the file you need. If you need each design in its own file, see the other listings.

These files are designed for CNC plasma, laser, water jet, and plotters (such as Silhouette Cameo and Cricut).


The clean nodes of these files make your cut and engrave jobs easy. Simply select the one you want to use then copy and paste it into a new file in your CAD program. Each design is sized to 10". Adjust the design as needed for your desired cut size and spacing.

Files may contain:

  • Open cut paths
  • Drop outs
  • Tight spacing


It is up to the purchaser to adjust the files as needed for his cutting equipment. Files are sold "as is". Robin Hill Machine is not responsible for user error.

There are two file versions. "Plasma" contains some open cut paths. "Laser" contains all closed cut paths.


Cutting suggestions:

  • CNC Plasma: use the "plasma" version of the files. Size and adjust spacing to avoid burn through. Check the file for drop outs as some of these were designed for laser engraving.
  • Laser: use the "laser" version of the files. Copy and paste the desired design into a new file in your CAD software. Size as needed. If you are engraving, add an offset to the design, engrave the main image, and cut the border shape. Only use the "plasma" version if you want to change the spacing of the open path cuts. The open paths of the plasma version will have to be offset before use with laser.
  • Plotters (Cricut and similar vinyl cutters): use the "laser" version of the files. Import into a CAD program such as CorelDraw or Inkscape. Do NOT import directly into your CAM program as the files are very large and contain many designs. For example, Cricut users will import into Inkscape, copy and paste the design they wish to cut into a new Inkscape window. Size as needed and save as SVG. Import the new SVG into Design Space. (While it is possible to import the SVG directly from the website into Design Space it will take a long time to load.)
  • Water jet, routers, and other CNC equipment: Robin Hill Machine only has first hand experience with plasma, laser, and plotter. We offer no cut suggestion on unfamiliar equipment. Please visit the free file sections and try some of our designs before purchasing this set.


File formats included:

  • AI
  • CDRx7
  • DWG (AutoCAD R11)
  • DXF (AutoCAD R2008)
  • PDF
  • PLT
  • SVG


Important details. Read before purchase:

  • These files are clean vectors for use with cutting and engraving equipment.
  • This is a digital product only. Nothing is sent through the mail. Some listings do offer an optional USB flash drive. If a flash drive is not offered or you do not purchase one, you will download the digital files after purchase.
  • Files are sold as NOT cut ready. Each type of equipment has different requirements. Robin Hill Machine does not guarantee that these files will work with your equipment. Free files are offered as testers. Download free files and try them before purchasing this listing.
  • No refunds or exchanges. Digital products can not be returned. Flash drives can not be returned. If there is a problem with the files on the server, notify us. Robin Hill Machine will correct any errors on the server and email you a new copy of the files.
  • Robin Hill Machine is not responsible for user error. If you are new to digital vector files, new to your cutting equipment, or new to CAD design and editing do NOT purchase. Only purchase this listing if you are confident that you understand how to use digital vector files and can manipulate them as needed for your projects.
  • Files can NOT be shared, uploaded, traded, or resold. If someone wants the file provide them with the link to purchase.
  • Making small changes to the file does NOT make it your design. If you add a frame, adjust spacing, and/or alter the file in any way does not mean you can resell the design as your own.
  • Designs can be used to produce physical items for resale. You may use the designs to make metal art, wood art, paper art, and vinyl art for sale. You may use the designs to make items for personal use.
  • Robin Hill Machine is not responsible for your use of the designs. You are responsible for all laws and regulations regarding your use of these digital goods. There are different laws for digital vector sales than there are for physical products. It is your responsibility to use these designs in accordance of the law.
  • By purchasing, downloading, or using these designs, you agree to these terms.

For immediate download, scroll to the bottom of the order confirmation page. The files will be listed there. You can click and download the files. An email will also be sent shortly after purchase. The email may be delivered to your spam folder.

If a USB flash drive with this digital content was offered and you chose to purchase it, it will be shipped through USPS. Robin Hill Machine purchases shipping through PayPal. When your USB flash drive ships, you will receive a tracking number on your PayPal invoice. You can log into your PayPal account to track your order. USB flash drives may take up to 2 weeks to ship.

This includes the following individual products

Elephant DXF SVG Bundle
1 piece(s)
$17.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Bear DXF SVG Files
1 piece(s)
$13.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Deer DXF SVG bundle
1 piece(s)
$55.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Duck and Geese DXF SVG Bundle
1 piece(s)
$44.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Elk and Moose DXF SVG bundle
1 piece(s)
$11.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Giraffe SVG Bundle
1 piece(s)
$3.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Tree DXF SVG Bundle
1 piece(s)
$38.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Turkey DXF SVG Bundle
1 piece(s)
$11.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Wildlife DXF SVG Bundle
1 piece(s)
$37.00 / 1 piece(s) *
Zebra DXF SVG vector bundle
1 piece(s)
$10.00 / 1 piece(s) *
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Koala Bear SVG Koala Bear SVG
$2.99 *
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